Psychological Evaluations for Adults

Expert Psychological Testing, Evaluations, and Diagnoses for Adults

A psychological evaluation can provide definitive answers if you’ve ever questioned whether you might have an undiagnosed cognitive, behavioral, or emotional issue. The process can uncover important insights if you are experiencing mental health concerns, are looking to make sense of repeating patterns of behavior, or are seeking guidance or direction to manage your life better.

Qualified Diagnoses for Concerns Such as Adult ADHD and Autism

My evaluation process is designed to gather a comprehensive range of information to best understand your past experiences, current situation, and overall functioning. A formal diagnosis can be provided for concerns such as:

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD / Asperger’s)

What to Expect from an Adult Psychological Assessment

A psychological assessment includes a thorough clinical interview to understand your personal history, together with a battery of questionnaires selected to fit your individual concerns. Common components include evaluations for personality, emotions, cognitive functioning, and behavior, as well as diagnostic questionnaires to rule in or rule out a variety of possible explanations.

Results of the process can inform your understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses, point towards directions for improvement, and provide recommendations for follow up treatment and support.


How Long does an Adult Psychological Evaluation Take?

A diagnosis for Anxiety or Depression can typically be completed in a single 50-minute session involving:

  • a thorough clinical interview
  • a brief letter – suitable for sharing with other mental health or medical professionals – which explains the process and confirms any diagnosis

An assessment for complex issues such ADHD and Autism, which are classified as lifelong neurodevelopmental disorders, typically requires 2-4 sessions. This process involves:

  • a complete clinical interview
  • reviewing any records you might have kept from schools, doctors, or past therapists
  • completing an array of diagnostic tests and questionnaires
  • if possible, it’s good to include a brief phone interview with a parent who can provide perspective on your behavior when you were young
  • a post-evaluation discussion explaining my findings, implications, and recommendations for next steps
  • a brief letter confirming any diagnosis, suitable for sharing with other mental health or medical professionals.

Formal Evaluations for School, Work, or Legal Situations

If you are a student of any age, and require accommodations for classroom, exams, or other academic activities, you will most likely require a full Psychoeducational Evaluation. I do not provide these any longer myself, but could refer you to some colleagues that I trust.

Should you require a formal report to be submitted as evidence for work, legal, forensic, or academic purposes, please let me know before we book an appointment. We will need to discuss whether a more thorough assessment should be arranged, as some situations in Hong Kong require a psychiatrist or medical doctor to conduct and sign your report. Likewise, I can refer you to some good ones.

Any Questions?
I’d be happy to explain more about my process, or answer any questions you may have.

For further details, please call me 9389 5818 or email